[19.] Elaine M. Raybourn and Nathan Bos. 2005. Design and evaluation challenges of serious games. CHI ’05 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, 2049–2050.

Abstract for this SIG panel at CHI 2005: As the computer game industry grows, game capabilities and designs are being re-used for purposes other than entertainment. The study of ‘Serious Games’, i.e. games for education and policy making, is of growing interest in many sectors. This SIG will bring together people interested in the topic area to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges. A panel discussion will cover new uses for games, ways of incorporating new measures such as physiological arousal into traditional usability testing, and ways of pursuing new goals such as peer learning with games. Breakout groups will elaborate on panel topics, and also devise next steps for this interest community. A report of this SIG’s outcomes will be submitted to the SIG CHI Bulletin.