The infusion of mobile and collaborative technologies into our everyday lives enables new forms of pervasive games and play. We use the term pervasive play as shorthand for technology-mediated, playful experiences that are tethered to our everyday lives through the physical and virtual spaces we inhabit. It includes a variety of game and play genres ranging from alternate reality games to urban games to mixed reality performance and playful uses of public displays.

The goals of our CHI 2016 workshop are to:

  • Strengthen and broaden the community of pervasive play researchers and practitioners,
  • Explore design frameworks for creating novel pervasive play experiences, and
  • Identify key research questions, methods, and challenges for future research in this area.

To participate, please submit a 2-3 page summary (CHI Extended Abstracts format) to that includes the following:

  • Research summary: a 1-page summary of your research
  • Superpowers: A short description of your superpowers (see details at Call For Participation)
  • Inspirational Articles: a list of 1-3 suggested articles, books, performances, or other works that have inspired you in the area of pervasive play.

Submission Deadline is January 13, 2016.